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Modern Buddhism – The Path of Compassion and Wisdom

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The Path of Compassion and Wisdom

This free eBook called Modern Buddhism – The Path of Compassion and Wisdom, is in three volumes, and is being distributed free of charge.

The author, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, says:

“I pray that everyone who reads this book may experience deep inner peace, or peace of mind, and accomplish the real meaning of human life. I particularly would like to encourage everyone to read specifically the chapter ‘Training in Ultimate Bodhichitta.’  Through carefully reading and contemplating this chapter again and again with a positive mind, you will gain very profound knowledge, or wisdom, which will bring great meaning to your life.”

– Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
From the preface of Modern Buddhism

We would like to request that you please respect this precious Dharma book, which functions to free living beings from suffering permanently. If you continually read and practice the advice in this book, eventually your problems caused by anger, attachment and ignorance will cease.




About the AuthorGKG teaching

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso was ordained as a Buddhist monk in Tibet at the age of eight. He is a fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism. Living in the West since 1977, he is the author of 21 highly acclaimed books that reveal the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment, including Buddha’s Sutra and Tantra teachings. He has also founded over 1,100 Kadampa Meditation Centers and groups around the world.

Volume 1 – Sutra

A practical guide to the common spiritual paths which lead us to fulfill our common wish – to attain both permanent liberation from suffering, and pure and everlasting happiness.

Volume 2 – Tantra

A practical guide to the uncommon spiritual paths which lead us to the attainment of full enlightenment, the ultimate goal of human life. Through reading and practicing the instructions in this volume, we learn to integrate these profound teachings into our daily activities, and in this way we can enjoy a supremely meaningful life.

Volume 3 – Prayers for Daily Practice

A collection of prayers for our daily training in Buddha´s Sutra and Tantra teachings. These prayers are a special method to purify our mind; to accumulate a great collection of good fortune and wisdom; and to receive the blessings of the enlightened beings. Through accomplishing these internal conditions, we can easily attain the realizations of the common and uncommon spiritual paths.


Reviews of Geshe Kelsang’s Books

BBC“One of the most concise presentations of the Buddhist path in any Western language.”

Buddhist Studies Review“Astonishingly, what has been produced here is actually a new and self-explanatory Buddhist commentarial text composed in English.”




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